Qualities and Flaws of Singers

In ‘Sangeet Ratnakar’, Pt. Sharangdevji has described the qualities and flaws of singers.


Qualities of singers 

  1. Hadyashabdah: one who sings melodiously
  2. Sushaaree: one who sings effortlessly and in tune
  3. Graha Moksha Vichashan: one who follows the rules of Graha-Ansh-Nyasa while singing
  4. Ragaragaang Bhaashaang Kriyanggopaang Kovidaah: one who has the knowledge of  the difference between ragang, bhashang,         kriyang of ragas and sings keeping this difference in mind
  5. Prabandhgaan Nishnaantah: one who is proficient in prabandh gaayan
  6. Vividhaliptitatvavit: one who understands Aavirbhava – Tirobhava
  7. Sarvasthaanescha gamakeshu  Anaasayasalasadgati:  one who can  effortlessly sing in all three saptaks : Mandra , Madhya and Taar
  8. Aayathkanthah: one with control over his voice
  9. Taaljah: one with control over taal
  10. Saavadhaanah: one who sings at the appropriate time
  11. Jitashramah: one with control over his breath and is capable of singing for a prolonged period of time
  12. Shudha Chhayalagaabhigya: one with knowledge of ragabhed of shudha chayalag raga
  13. Sarva Kakuvisheshvid: one who knows all kakubheds
  14. AnekSthayasanchar:  one who is capable of creating melodious   swarasthanas
  15. Sarvadoshavivarjitah : one who can identify all doshas
  16. Kriyaaparah: one who does regular riyaaz or practice
  17. Yuktalayah: one who has control over layakaari
  18. Sughatah: a healthy and energetic singer
  19. Dhaaranaanvitah: an intelligent singer
  20. Sphurjarninjarvanah: one who sings slowly and seriously
  21. Haarirhah Kridbhajaanoddhurah: one who enchants the audience with his singing
  22. Susampradaya: one who is trained with the highest guru paramparas


Doshas  of  singers      


  1. Sandishta: one who grinds his teeth while singing
  2. Udghushta: one who sings very loudly
  3. Sutkari: one who is of short breath
  4. Bheet: one who sings with fear
  5. Shankit: one who sings without confidence
  6. Karali: one who contorts his face when singing
  7. Kampit: one whose voice quivers or trembles while singing
  8. Kaaki: one who sings out of tune
  9. Vitaal: one who sings without taal
  10. Kairabh: one who shakes and raises his head while singing
  11. Udbhat: one who makes a face like a goat while singing
  12. Jhobki: one who sings with great effort or difficulty
  13. Vakri: one who tilts his head while singing
  14. Prasaari: one who gesticulates wildly while singing
  15. Nimilak: one who closes his eyes while singing
  16. Viras: one whose singing is uninteresting or boring
  17. Apaswara: one who breaks the rules, sings varjit swars
  18. Avyakta: one who is weak voiced, inaudible or with unclear pronunciation
  19. Sthaanabhrashta: one who sings with incorrect placement of swars
  20. Avyavasthita: one who breaks ragavistaar rules, sings haphazardly
  21. Mishrak: one who mixes shudha chayalag ragas
  22. Anavadhaana: one who is careless and unconcerned about audience preference
  23. Saanunaasik: Nasal singer