Ghazal and Kajri



A Ghazal is generally sung in Urdu or Farsi. Ghazal is sung in the same ragas as Thumri and Thappa. The main element of the Ghazal is the Shringar Raas and it is sung in Dipchandi, Dadra,Teevra and PashtoTaal. The lyrics of the Ghazal are of such high quality that the listener feels he is listening to a poetry in motion. The main part of a Ghazal is the lyrics and rules of ragas are relaxed while singing this.




Kajri is an old and common form of folk music sung by the women in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The word Kajri is derived from the word Kajli or Kajal (kohl that women apply to their eyes to beautify it).The black Kajal is symbolic of the dark gloomy clouds and the sorrow of the singer (heroine) who has been separated from her beloved. This forms the main concept of a Kajri. It is sung with a Dholak, Lakdi (stick) or Chank. Now days, singers sing Kajri in concerts with a Tabla and Sarangi also.