Aavirbhava and Tirobhava

It is important for a raga to be interesting and melodious. When the raga rules are relaxed in vocal and instrumental music and a composer takes the liberty to do so, it is known as Aavirbhava and Tirobhava. The process by which one flows back easily and effortlessly to the moola (original) raga is called Aavirbhava – Tirobhava. This is never used in Khayal gaayan. It can be used in Upashastriya gaayan and Lalit gaayan.


Eg.    Sa  Re  Ga  Ma  ni   Dha  ni   Ḿa  Pa  :  Hamir raga

         Ḿa  Pa  Dha  Pa  Ma  :  Kedar raga

         Pa  Ga  Ma   ni  Dha  Pa , Ga  Ma  Re  Sa  :  from Hamir raga to Kedar  raga and  then back  to Hamir raga.


In this composition, Hamir raga swars are sung first. Then we did Tirobhava in Kedar raga swars and then by Aavirbhava we went back to the original Hamir raga.