Poet Jayadevaji


Jayadevaji was born in the 12th century in Kendul village in Bengal. He left home after the death of his father Bhojdev and mother Ramadevi in childhood. He went to Jagannathpuri and started living there. He was the favourite student of the well known Mahatma Shri Yashodanandji of the Vaishnava sect of that era. Later Jayadevaji went to visit Teerthatan and Brajbhumi . He was totally engrossed in Krishnabhakti (worship of Krishna). His wife, Padmavati too, was a pious lady and a music expert. Jayadevaji was a Sanskrit poet and pandit, connoisseur of arts, a composer, an excellent singer, dancer, truly a colossal personality.




‘Geetgovinda’is an immortal composition by Jayadevaji. His compositions from Geetgovinda  are sung to date in the temples. In those days due to no written swaralipi, it was difficult to obtain the swarrachana. The poems in Geetgovinda describe the Radha-Krishna Leela and have been translated in various languages such as Latin, German, and English. As the original composition was in Sanskrit, it failed to become popular in the masses. But it is rich in poetry and feeling. The ‘Ashtapadi’ – compositions of eight padas (verses) are incorporated in the Geetgovinda. The compositions mainly center round the characters of Radha, Krishna and their sakhis. There are no dialogues, but thoughts, emotions, actions have been inventively used. The antics of Krishna, affection of Radha and jealousy of sakhis, chivalry and grace of Krishna, Krishna’s dalliance in Vasant Ritu(Spring) are vividly described in the compositions. There are 12 sargs (cantos), 14 prabandhs (essays / compositions) and 24 ashtapadis (8 versed poems) in Geetgovinda. It would be appropriate to state that Geetgovinda can be termed as the propogation of Vishnu bhakti in the Medieval period. Jayadevaji was the court poet in the durbar of  King Laxmansen. It is rumoured that Jayadevaji had divine power  and when he sang with his wife Padmavati, even the animals and birds were affected. Jayadevaji’s contribution to literature and music is invaluable.