Raga Bibhas

Komal Rishabh and komal Dhaivat are present in the raga. Rest of the swars are shuddha.


Thaat:  Bhairav

Jati: Audav - Audav

Time: 3am - 6am

Varjit: Madhyam  and  Nishad

Vadi: Dhaivat  

Samvadi: Gandhar

Aroha: Sa  Re  Ga  Pa  Dha  Sȧ

Avaroha: Sȧ  Dha  Pa  Ga  Pa  Dha  Ga  Re  Sa

Pakad:  Ga  Pa  Dha  Pa  Ga  Re  Sa , Dha  Pa  Ga  Pa  Ga  Re  Sa


Features of the raga:


  1. This is a serious and soothing raga. The best time to sing this raga is early morning.
  2. Gandhar and Pancham are continuously played together. This creates a very melodious sound.
  3. In the evening we sing Reva raga which originates from Purvi Thaat. The swars of Reva raga are very similar to Bibhas raga. However Bibhas raga is an Uttaranga-Pradhan raga and Reva is Purvanga-Pradhan raga. We can say these two ragas are complimentary ragas or Samprakritik ragas.
  4. There are two other types of Bibhas raga. First one originates from Purvi Thaat and the second one from Marwa Thaat.
  5. The nyasa swars of this raga are Pancham, Dhaivat and Taar Shadaj. When we move from Komal Dhaivat to Pancham, it is very melodious and soothing to the ear.