Raga Bhairav

Rishabh and Dhaivat are komal in the raga. Rest of the swars are shudha.


Thaat: Bhairav

Jati: Sampoorna

Time: Early morning

Vadi: Komal Dhaivat (Dha)

Samvadi: Komal Rishabh (Re)

Varjit: No varjit swar

Aroha: Sa  Re  Ga  Ma  Pa   Dha  Ni  Sȧ

Avaroha: Sȧ  Ni  Dha  Pa  Ma  Ga   Re  Sa

Pakad: Ga  Ma  Ni  Dha  Ni  Dha  Pa,  Ga  Ma  Ga  Re  Ga Re  Sa


Features of the raga:


  1. Raga Bhairav is the prime raga of Bhairav thaat.
  2. The vadi swar of this raga is komal Dhaivat and it is an early morning raga, so it is classified as Uttaranga raga. It is also called a       Sandhiprakash raga as it is sung in the early hours of the day. Bhairav raga when sung creates Bhakti rasa.
  3. Many renditions of this raga are dedicated to the Almighty and sung in his praise. eg Jaago Mohan Pyaare
  4. In raga Bhairav, we cannot use Madhyam as a nyasa swar because then it becomes very similar to raga Jogiya. The nyasa swars of raga Bhairav are Shadaj and Pancham.
  5. Raga Bhairav is very similar to raga Kaliganda.
  6. There are many variations of raga Bhairav like: Prabhat Bhairav, Bairagi Bhairav, Mangal Bhairav, Bhavmat Bhairav and Shivmat Bhairav.