Raga Ahir Bhairav

Rishabh and Nishad are komal in the raga. Rest of the swars are shudha.


Thaat: Bhairav

Jati: Sampoorna

Time: Early morning

Vadi: Madhyam

Samvadi: Shadaj

Aroha: Sa  Re  Ga  Ma  Pa  Dha  Ni  Sȧ

Avaroha: Sȧ  Ni  Dha  Pa  Ma  Ga  Ma  Re ss Re  Sa

Pakad: Ga  Ma  Re ss  Re  Sa  Nị  Dhạ  Nị  Re ss ss  Sa


Features of the raga:


  1. Raga Ahir Bhairav is from the Bhairav thaat and is sung with Bhairav Ang (subdivision of a taal).
  2. The starting of the raga is from Bhairav thaat and the ending is from Kafi thaat, so raga Ahir Bhairav is a mix from both the thaats.
  3. Some scholars are of the opinion that raga Ahir Bhairav is a mix of Bhairav and Khamaj thaat. However the alignment of swars:
  4. Ga  Ma  Ni Dha  MaPaDha  MaGa of  Khamaj thaat is missing from this raga.                                                                                
  5. In Khamaj thaat the Pancham swar is not strong. In raga Ahir Bhairav it is used in aroha, avaroha and alaap. Pancham is also the nyasa swar in alaaps.
  6. Shudha Dhaivat and komal Nishad are not characteristic of Bhairav thaat, however since this is an ancient classic raga and is sung with   Bhairav ang (beat), it is included in Bhairav thaat.  
  7. Bhairav and Kafi both have different angs (beat). As this raga is a mixture of both, it is very unique.
  8. Madhyam is the nyasa swar in the raga and it is very soothing and pleasing to hear the raga.
  9. Raga Ahir Bhairav is similar to raga Bhairav, raga Kafi and raga Anand Bhairav.
  10. Raga Ahir Bhairav is different from raga Bhairav as it has shudha Dhaivat and komal Nishad and raga Kafi as it has komal Rishabh.
  11. Raga Ahir Bhairav has only komal Nishadh whereas raga Anand Bhiarav has both the Nishads (komal and shudha).